You Need a Budget (YNAB) money software offers one of the most user-friendly platforms, which makes it easy to use and easy to understand. However, it does not offer many features and options that we considered important for budgeting software. It does not sync to your bank, it has a limited number of reports and you have fewer exporting options than with other software.

As mentioned above, you cannot sync this software directly to your bank, which is the most convenient option for adding account information. You do have the option to upload OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV file types, though using CSV files is only recommended for advanced users. In addition, you can manually add any transaction. You are able to adjust and track your spending by category, split bills between different account, set reminders and reconcile transactions in the software against your bank statement.

One of the most convenient features of money software is the option to create a budget. With YNAB, you can view your available balance and your average spending habits then allocate the funds accordingly. The budget report displays two months at a time, so you can view the currently month while scheduling next month's budget. You can set aside money each month for infrequent bills, such as car insurance, so you have the funds available when they are due. If you need to check your budget when you're away from a computer, you can download YNAB apps for your Android mobile devices, Kindle, iPhone and iPad.

This personal budget software has fewer reports and visuals than many other software we reviewed, but the reports it offers are important ones, including spending by category, payee and trends. The reports automatically generate for the current month, or you can adjust the dates and range. The associated pie charts provide a quick visual as well. You can export any report to a CSV file, but that is the only exporting option besides printing a physical report.

If you need assistance with the software, the website has some useful resources. There is no in-program support, as the option directs you online. You can search the user forum for questions other customers have had, search help topics and even attend online live classes to help you with your finances and budget. If you need to contact the company, you can complete a support request, but there is no live chat or telephone number for customer support.

YNAB Summary:

YNAB is a basic and easy-to-use budget-management software. Its simplicity makes it intuitive, but it also lacks some convenient features other software offer. However, for what it offers, it is a good program.


YNAB 4.3.656

This software is simple and easy to use.

It does not sync to your financial institutions.

The Verdict:

This software is intuitive and simple, but that also means that it is missing a number of features and conveniences offered by other money software.